Psychotherapy is a general term used to describe the process of a person enlisting the help of a licensed psychologist to assist them in addressing concerns they have about their emotional, mental, interpersonal, and behavioral patterns.


One form of psychotherapy--commonly known as "talk" therapy--involves a person talking about what is going on in and/or bothering them in their life, while the psychologist listens and provides them with input (e.g. via asking questions or making observations and recommendations for change). Psychotherapy is not "counseling" (i.e. advice-giving---someone on the outside telling you what you should or should not be/do). Psychotherapy is an objective forum within which you can rebuild those parts of you that are broken, restore those connections --to yourself and others--that have gone awry, and renew your internal drive ("spirit") as you move towards your goals in life.


I, Dr. Deering, am committed to partnering with you to assist you in this process.