Dr. Deering's approach to therapy is holistic--attending to your body, mind, and spirit. Throughout your therapy, you will be encouraged you to develop yourself emotionally, cognitively, physically, medically/nutritionally, educationally, vocationally, socially, athletically, and spiritually.


Dr. Deering respects those from all faith backgrounds and recognize the innate need within humans for connectedness and balance. So, within your therapy (if you so desire and verbalize it), Dr. Deering will seek to help you access those aspects of your particular faith practices and/or tenets that affirm, encourage, and support you and your progress towards your personal life goals.


Additionally, Dr. Deering has experience collaborating with religious leaders from Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions in providing psychological services for their congregants. She has served on a university-wide religious life council and has conducted psychologically-based spirituality support groups for adults and young adults. She is also a clinical resource for Princeton Theological Seminary.