...focuses on a T.E.A.M. approach to help you...


Tackle transitions

             —High School to College

             —College to Post-Collegiate Life

Enhance performance 

             —for Scholar-Athletes

             —through athletic mental skills assessment & training  

Attain balanced emotions through

             —increasing mind-body awareness

             —addressing imbalanced internal systems

Manage team dynamics with

             —team-building for coaches & scholar-athletes from

                diverse backgrounds.


     Dr. Deering has done research and various presentations on the transition of black males to predominantly white universities and is well acquainted with issues facing scholar-athletes of all races, economic statuses, and cultures as they transition to the next level.     

     At the Division-I level, Dr. Deering has years of experience providing services to scholar-athletes from both revenue- and non-revenue generating teams. In particular, Dr. Deering has experience helping those scholar athletes dealing with sport-related injury recovery and eating issues, in addtion to helping scholar athletes address transition & sport performance issues.