In scheduling your first appointment, I usually ask that you arrive 20 minutes prior to the appointment time so that you can have ample time to fill out some preliminary paperwork in my waiting room, similar to the way your primary care physician will have you complete paperwork in their waiting room.


Upon completion of that paperwork and payment for the session, I will then meet with you in my office.


During my initial meeting with you, my goal is to get to get to know you by listening to you as you share what concern(s) have brought you to my practice. I will also ask you some specific standard psychology-based questions that will give me more "context" about you and your concern(s) and which will serve as a foundation for ways in which I can make tailored recommendations for how best to address your concern(s).


This initial meeting will usually last 45-minutes; but, depending on the nature and/or complexity of your concern(s), an additional 1-3 meetings may be necessary to get enough background information and get you connected to additional appropriate resources before a specific tailored treatment plan can be recommended.


Overall, my commitment is to partner with you to help you move towards your life goal(s).